Franken at times thinks he’s arguing against statements but is actually agreeing with them.

For instance, Franken quoted Sean Hannity creatively framing the beliefs of his opposition:

“They tell us that fuel-burning SUVs are bad for America, but flag-burning SOBs aren’t.”

[p. 98, Lies]

Even though Hannity was not presenting an argument, Franken was on top of it, proving that Sean was right about what his opposition believes:

Well, Sean, fuel-burning SUVs burn fuel….They contribute to global warming and our dependence on oil from countries like Saudi Arabia, which fund the very terrorism you profess to be so upset about. Flag-burning, on the other hand, is relatively rare.

[p.98, Lies]

So Franken agrees. That’s what they really think.

Pity, Franken chose not to address the part where Hannity actually laid out his argument. Hannity had a whole chapter about the need for energy growth. In that chapter, Hannity explained the role of energy in our economic security. He also explained how liberal policies have stifled energy growth, thus endangering our future.

Rather than addressing the issue, Franken uses it as an occasion to lie. Astoundingly, Franken twists what Hannity said about the role of energy growth to make it sound as though Hannity was discussing economic growth. Watch carefully how Franken hides the fact that Hannity was talking about energy:


This is a simple one. For some reason, in the midst of making a point about something or other on page 205, Hannity lets this one rip: “Decades of liberal no-growth policies have seriously endangered our economic and national security.”

Here’s a chance for you, the reader, to write your own joke. You might want to include a reference to how Clinton presided over the longest economic expansion in the history of the United States.

[p.103, Lies]