‘I hate Israel’ song

Goldberg mentioned the lack of outrage in the media over the popularity in the Arab world of a song called, “I hate Israel”.

Franken points out that so-called “conservative” media were not outraged, either. And that 9 more papers mentioned the story than Goldberg had thought. Franken has a good point. But Goldberg has a better one:

Can you imagine if the big hit song in Israel was “I Hate Palestine” or “I Hate Arabs”? The New York Times would have put the story on page one and then run an editorial just to make sure we all got the message…

The point Goldberg is making, about inconsistency and favoritism, is substantially different than what Franken implied. Goldberg does have a valid point. But it’s not the only one in that chapter. It’s the only point Franken saw as weak enough to go after. Even then, he had to distort it.