Franken ignores Goldberg’s real point on Gary Bauer bias to belittle his made up one

Franken minimizes Goldberg’s complaint about CBS Weekend News producer Roxanne Russell referring to Gary Bauer as a “little nut from the Christian group” during a conference call.

That was unfair. Thank God CBS didn’t broadcast the conference call, because that would have been very biased.

The point Goldberg was making in his book, however, was a little more detailed. Page 128 of Bias asks what would have happened if someone on the conference call had said:

There’s a rally at the Washington Monument this weekend and Jesse Jackson, the big nut from that black group, will be there.

Goldberg says,

Anything even resembling that kind of talk would be grounds for instant dismissal. But calling a prominent Christian ‘the little nut’ is no big deal!

Goldberg’s point is on the alledged double standard, but Franken ignored the context and twisted the point to make Goldberg look petty.