Franken Distorts Hannity’s Statements on Homosexuality

Franken claims that in Hannity’s book Let Freedom Ring

…we find page upon page of denunciations of homosexuals, homosexuality, and homosexual practices–including, believe it or not, on page 158, a graphic description of what he calls “fisting.”

[Lies, p.99]

Hannity was actually criticizing the advocating of “fisting” to young teens in a Massachusetts student workshop in 2000 called “What They Didn’t Tell You about Queer Sex and Sexuality in Health Class.” [157, Freedom] Hannity writes about his interview with Parents’ Rights Coalition member Scott Whiteman who helped expose what was being taught to these kids.

“Besides talking about ingesting semen in front of fourteen-year-olds, they also talked about a practice called fisting,” I said. “I want parents to know what was said. I want you to explain it because they need to know how radical it was.”

“Right,” Scott replied. “The question was, ‘What’s fisting?’ The answer was, “Sticking your whole hand in the A or P of another.’ And then it was given advocacy when someone said, ‘Why would anybody want to do that?’ And a Department [of Education] employee said that it’s an experience of opening up yourself fully to someone that you want to be close and intimate with.”

[158, Freedom]

Other conservatives have likewise had their statements about homosexuality taken out of context or otherwise misrepresented.