Franken distorts Coulter on Bush/Jeffords

Franken takes two Coulter quotes out of context, trying to make her look inconsistent. He begins:

And what really burns Coulter is that, in the fawning liberal media,

“Jim Jeffords’s degree from Yale cannot be cited often enough. (And consider that Jeffords got into Yale long before the terrorizing regime of the SATs, back when admission to the Ivy Leagues turned on social class rather than standardized tests.)”

Quick. Yale, low SATs, social class? You thinking about who I’m thinking about?

Yet, on page 33, how does Coulter answer people who think our president may not be the brightest star in the firmament? Why, he “graduated from Yale College and Harvard Business School.”

So consistency is not the woman’s strong point.

How did Coulter miss that? Here’s what she really said:

While the media treats George W. Bush’s Yale education like some sort of scam, Jim Jeffords’s degree from Yale cannot be cited often enough.

(page 52, Slander)

Oh. Franken picked up his version of her quote in the middle of her sentence. She was actually contrasting the media’s coverage of Bush’s Yale education with their coverage of Jeffords’s Yale education.

That’s the opposite of what Franken claimed she was saying.

Then what about the quote Franken cited from page 33 of Coulter’s book?  Well, here is the context. Coulter pointed out that Martin Sheen, who said Bush is a “moron,” never went to college. Moreover, Michael Moore is a college dropout. Does this not seem like a perfectly reasonable place for Coulter to drop in the fact about Bush graduating from Yale College and Harvard Business School? In fact, it bolsters her point about Bush’s education being treated like a scam.