Coulter’s D.O.B.

Coulter’s date of birth on her old driver’s license is off two years from a newer license. Franken says:

Ann claims the DC license is correct, which means that when she registered to vote she was 16.

[p. 8, Lies]

She never claimed the DC license was correct. She playfully commented on her age and Franken twisted it into a “claim” about a legal document. Franken could have related Coulter’s actual claims in his own words, but chose instead to falsify, taking great license with her license. This is what Coulter said, as printed in the Washington Post, September 6, 2002:

I’m two years younger than at least some newspapers have said I am, but the downside is, I’m still 38. Yikes!

So Coulter was telling a joke and did not even mention the license. Franken likely extrapolated that if Coulter was 38 then the license was correct – ergo Franken’s lie that “Ann claims the DC license is correct….”

Franken pretends to make a logical deduction in which the conclusion that Coulter lied about a legal document appears inescapable. To Franken’s reader, it appears there are two options. Either Coulter lied on a legal document or committed voter fraud.

This false dilemma, enabled by Franken’s false accusation that Coulter claimed the D.C. license was correct, manipulates the reader into taking the most likely explanation completely off the table– a data entry error. Franken’s false reasoning appears completely sound to the mind-controlled reader:

Either way, she lied on at least one of her driver’s licenses, a government I.D.

[p. 8, Lies]