Franken distorts the reality of the Wellstone funeral/Political rally

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Al Franken distorts Alan Colmes’ context

Per usual, Fox News opinion commentator co-hosts Sean Hannity and Alan Colmes voiced their opinions following the 2003 State of the Union address. Franken complains: The point-counterpoint pretty much broke down like this: “This is a big vision! This is a bold agenda!” vs. “President Bush did a magnificent job!” Quick. Which one of the critical […] read more

Al Franken distorts Bush tax cuts

When George W. Bush ran for president in 2000, he proposed a number of tax cuts. These included such favorites as increasing the child tax credit, applying the child tax credit to the alternative minimum tax, expanding the limit on education savings accounts, expanding the federal charitable deduction to include non-itemizers, reducing the marriage penalty […] read more

Al Franken: not just a comedian

Some people are under the false impression that Franken is just in it for laughs. Lest we cut Franken any slack because he was a professional comedian, let us remember he was elected to the United States Senate in 2008. No joke. Franken clearly wants us to take him seriously, and we should. With his uncanny ability to […] read more

media coverage

Al Franken proposed what he called the “hypothetical liberal media paradigm matrix”.  What it translates to is the idea that “if” the media really has a liberal bias and the candidate is Republican then the media would want to hurt him or her with negative stories but “if” the media has a liberal bias and […] read more

Internet, Love Story, Love canal (Gore stuff)

After having hooked the reader with his inaccurate representation of the Pew study, Franken proceeds to reel the reader in with a few additional distortions. First, Franken seems a little annoyed that the media would talk about Gore’s claim of inventing the internet. As Franken points out, Gore actually claimed to have taken the initiative […] read more

Franken takes Bush drunk driving and cocaine question out of context, ignores Clinton’s answers

Lines after attacking the right for taking Gore out of context, Franken crops an interview answer given by Bush in order to call the answer “a bold faced lie,” while ignoring more egregious of the same nature made by Clinton. Franken writes: Regarding Love Story, at no time during that controversy did Gore ever get […] read more