Sean Hannity

Franken Lies About Hannity’s School Choice Claim

Franken falsely accuses Sean Hannity of crediting vouchers with the turning around of public schools in East Harlem then writes, “…the ‘Miracle in East Harlem’ didn’t actually involve vouchers. There were no vouchers. None.” Franken claims that Hannity is “deliberately misleading his readers.” Here’s how Franken pulls it off. Franken writes, “Vouchers, says Hannity, will […] read more

Franken Distorts Hannity’s Statements on Homosexuality

Franken claims that in Hannity’s book Let Freedom Ring …we find page upon page of denunciations of homosexuals, homosexuality, and homosexual practices–including, believe it or not, on page 158, a graphic description of what he calls “fisting.” [Lies, p.99] Hannity was actually criticizing the advocating of “fisting” to young teens in a Massachusetts student workshop […] read more


Franken at times thinks he’s arguing against statements but is actually agreeing with them. For instance, Franken quoted Sean Hannity creatively framing the beliefs of his opposition: “They tell us that fuel-burning SUVs are bad for America, but flag-burning SOBs aren’t.” [p. 98, Lies] Even though Hannity was not presenting an argument, Franken was on top of […] read more

Hannity, New York public schools

Sean Hannity cited statistics exposing the New York City public school system as “an absolute abomination” (A fact which Franken does not dispute). Then Hannity wrote, And as if that weren’t bad enough, city and state education officials didn’t seem to have a clue about what was going wrong. “Is it teaching?” asked state Education […] read more