Rush Limbaugh

Al Franken Distorts Limbaugh’s Claims Regarding Reaganomics

In a chapter entitled THE REAGAN YEARS: RUSH LIMBAUGH IS A BIG FAT LIAR Franken accuses Limbaugh of propping up a supposed big lie (that Reaganomics worked) with three legs–each leg a lie in its own right. The first question we should ask is, “why three?” Rush uses multiple lines of evidence to argue Reaganomics […] read more

Franken hides context of Limbaugh’s satire humor rant in order to attack it

On page 15, Franken quotes from Rush to show just how lacking in compassion he supposedly is. The date of Limbaugh’s quote, which Franken does not mention, is April 1, 1992. We all know the significance of April 1. Here is the quote: The poor in the Country are the biggest piglets at the mother […] read more

Franken “Admits” A Mistake In Order To Gain False Credence

A study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania [Call-In Political Talk Radio: Background, Content, Audiences, Portrayal in Mainstream Media, “A Report from the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania”] showed that people who listened to Rush Limbaugh and/or other political talk radio programs, “have higher levels of knowledge and correctly think they […] read more

Franken Inadvertently Questions Bill Clinton’s Patriotism While Falsely Accusing Rush Limbaugh

As an example of Rush Limbaugh supposedly trying to deceive his audience, Franken points to Limbaugh showing a New York Times headline to his audience: BUSH ASSAILS CLINTON’S PATRIOTISM DURING VIETNAM WAR PROTEST ERA. (Definition of “assail”: To attack violently) Rush cited the headline as an example of media bias, explaining the article mischaracterized what Bush had […] read more

Franken lies about the word “feminazi”

To those familiar with Limbaugh, what Franken writes is transparently false. For instance, Franken uses the Limbaugh word “feminazi” interchangeably with the word “feminist,” but Limbaugh’s loyal fans understand “feminazi” as Limbaugh’s tag for only the most obnoxious feminists. We know this because Limbaugh said, “I prefer to call the most obnoxious feminists what they are: feminazis.” […] read more

Franken’s Rush/Chelsea lie

Franken and his late friend Molly Ivins made some false claims about Rush Limbaugh in the early nineties. Rush for the most part ignored the claims, perhaps trying not to feed into the smears. So, Ivins weaved this whopper, based loosely on an actual event, and Franken then repeated it countless times until it became ingrained in cultural […] read more

75% figure accurate

Al Franken loves to repeat this as a supposed example of Rush Limbaugh telling a lie. He probably still looks for opportunities to bring it up. The following is from his interview with Geov Parrish: GP: What do you think the differences are between you and Limbaugh? AF: I’m glad you asked me that. I […] read more