Bill O’Reilly

Franken falsely states that O’Reilly compared the Koran to Mein Kampf

Franken evidently finds it acceptable for a public institution like the University of North Carolina to require it’s entire incoming freshman class to read a book about one particular religion. To get out of reading the book, Approaching the Qur’an: The Early Revelations, they had to write a 300-word essay justifying their refusal. The grounds […] read more

Franken lies about O’Reilly’s opposition to Ludacris and similarly styled rappers

Franken mentions O’Reilly’s novel about a serial killer, Those Who Trespass. The novel contains some graphic descriptions of “not nice” things. According to Franken, that makes O’Reilly a hypocrite for condemning rap artists who expose children to explicit, degrading lyrics. In particular, O’Reilly has chided the rap artist Ludacris, who Franken claims is just having fun.  Obviously […] read more

Franken on Jeremy Glick

One of Franken’s favorites is the O’Reilly interview with Jeremy Glick on February 4, 2003, which Franken quotes from selectively. Glick, whose father had died in the World Trade Center attack, had signed a radical advertisement stating in part: We too watched with shock the horrific events of September 11th. We too mourned the thousands of […] read more

O’Reilly voter registration

Voter irregularity problems are common. However, they usually don’t become an issue unless a race is very tight. Most notably, in 2000, many media outlets claimed thousands of voters had intended to vote for Gore but the ballot confused them. No, Franken did not accuse them of lying. After all, the ballot design was confusing. […] read more

Franken lies about O’Reilly’s hometown, calling his accurate statement a “crazy lie”

Al Franken repeatadly lies about where Bill O’Reilly grew up, citing a comment O’Reilly’s mother (who has dimentia) alledgedly told a reporter as his only source and adds a claim about vacations the O’Reilly family alledgely took that does not appear in that source. Franken writes: See, O’Reilly always likes to crow about his hardscrabble […] read more

Franken accuses O’Reilly of making up statistics

Franken makes O’Reilly out to be an Ogre, writing, “…the bully comes out and he bludgeons his guests with incorrect or just made-up facts and figures.”  Because O’Reilly spends so much time discussing issues live in front of millions of viewers, there are indeed misstatements made.  Franken scrounges up a few, fastens them into his […] read more

Truth about the Peabody

This is without a doubt Franken’s most famous incident. In a column for Newsday on March 8, 2001, Robert Reno asserted: O’Reilly… has repeatedly boasted of his Peabody Awards… As Reno is quick to point out: Actually he has never won a Peabody. If O’Reilly had claimed to have Peabody Awards, this would in fact […] read more