Bernie Goldberg

‘I hate Israel’ song

Goldberg mentioned the lack of outrage in the media over the popularity in the Arab world of a song called, “I hate Israel”. Franken points out that so-called “conservative” media were not outraged, either. And that 9 more papers mentioned the story than Goldberg had thought. Franken has a good point. But Goldberg has a […] read more

Franken’s selective argument (Goldberg)

Franken says: Why, Bernie wants to know, is Phyllis Schlafly always labeled a “conservative”? Maybe because the official biography on her Eagle Forum website calls her a “national leader of the conservative movement. Franken’s comment makes Bernie Goldberg seem pretty dense. But Goldberg was not wondering or complaining about Schlafly being called a conservative. In […] read more

Franken ignores Goldberg’s real point on Gary Bauer bias to belittle his made up one

Franken minimizes Goldberg’s complaint about CBS Weekend News producer Roxanne Russell referring to Gary Bauer as a “little nut from the Christian group” during a conference call. That was unfair. Thank God CBS didn’t broadcast the conference call, because that would have been very biased. The point Goldberg was making in his book, however, was […] read more

Franken’s latchkey lunacy (Goldberg)

Franken distorts again. This time, a chapter in Bernie Goldberg’s book, Bias, titled “The Most Important Story You Never Saw on TV Bernie Goldberg wrote that the media only gives one side of the story a fair shake when it comes to issues like child day care. Here’s what Goldberg’s actual point was: The problem […] read more

Franken misrepresents Goldberg’s figures

Franken mentions that there are some figures presented in Bias that attempt to illustrate the liberal views of reporters. Then he quotes a few of the more harmless examples, from a 1985 study. Which is interesting, because the more damaging numbers cited by Goldberg are from a 1996 study. Here are some of the statistics […] read more

Franken lies about Goldberg book

Goldberg’s book is packed with excellent examples that demonstrate the correctness of his premise about media bias, but Franken does not directly respond to them. He dismisses most of the book by lying about it, saying: Most of his examples are about as well researched as the John Chancellor quote. (page 37, Lies) That is […] read more